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skeleton smartypants was defeated once and for all


This is my kind of humor

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is it too early to post halloween stuff?

the answer is no, it’s never too early for halloween appreciation


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hey i know i have a lot of ASD friends for whom autoplay is a really awful thing so here is a really nice option, stay safe friends

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every class is art class if you dont care enough


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Not all Drow.
idk, Drizzt probably

(Source: outofcontextdnd)

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Erevos Aether – Wake the Serpent Not

Erevos Aether’s AW 2014-15 collection, Wake the Serpent Not, contrasts sheer, romantic, fragile textures with armorlike iridescent leather and metallic elements. The architectural qualities of this tough, invulnerable aspect combine with its softer side to create a high sci-fi look that is dark and impressive.

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my family’s been talking about some scary shit lately, including being behind by a couple months on some of our bills. my job-hunting has been consistently turning up a lot of nothing, likewise to my younger brother’s job hunting, and my mom has seen a huge decrease in her ebay sales.

so please come buy some things from my mother’s ebay store so we can afford to keep having things like electricity and groceries.

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Just your average day of adventuring.

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Reminder that the correct reaction to someone coming out as aro-spectrum isn’t “I’m sorry.”

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See, cuz that other person asked for all the things for Donan, I'm tempted to ask for all the things for J, because why not. So... all the things for Rook, and all the things for J, if you feel like it?
aldrovanda asked
  1. Full name:
  • Azalyn of Candlekeep Rook. Just Rook.
  • Jakainen (ahaha my world I can skip the last name as long as I want to~)
  • Best friend:
    • Imoen or Dorn, or Viconia if we’re talking friends-with-no-additional-baggage
    • Lynne or maybe Sytara (I really need more side characters oops)
  • Sexuality:
    • Pansexual Demiromantic
    • I think J’s heterosexual/romantic?
  • Favorite color:
    • Brown (or red, red is good too, black is nice but not her *favorite*)
    • Silver
  • Relationship status:
    • (which ending tho) Either she’s a goddess and Dorn is her champion, or they are both a deity and they pretty much love and hate the arrangement (and each other, some days) in equal measure
    • Married to Lynne. Pretty sure their relationship counted as married even before they had the ceremony.
  • Ideal mate:
    • Good at killing, good at drawing attention, trusts her to be able to defend herself, protectiveness manifests as ‘I will help you kill the offender’, basically Dorn with less issues (but Dorn is close enough and she loves him anyway
    • Patient, affectionate, Rani is really bad at answering this question without just saying “basically the person I ship them with”
  • Turn-ons:
    • We Just Killed A Dragon Time For Glad We Survived And Damn You Look Great Covered In Dragon Blood Sex
    • Apparently lingerie, thanks aldro
  • Favorite food:
    • ok she just said something about THE HEARTS OF HER ENEMIES and laughed maniacally so that’s what I’m putting here
    • Definitely not the hearts of his enemies but maybe muffins. Muffins are good. I am making an arbitrary decision that muffins exist in his world.
  • Crushes:
    • So Dorn shows up and casually kills like 3 bandits while roaring at Senjak, and that’s when Rook decided she wanted this man.
    • J basically spent his adolescence getting minor crushes on every girl who wasn’t related to him, and then he met Lynne and got a major crush and fell in love and hasn’t really looked back
  • Favorite music:
    • I dunno things that are well-written and well-played. She prefers lyrics about guile heroes rather than love stories or knights defeating evil, but even those songs can sound nice if you ignore the words
    • guys it just hit me that I get to figure out what kind of music exists in this world asdjbfg
  • Biggest fear:
    • Pretty much that her party members will stab her in the back
    • His loved ones dying and/or losing control and killing each other
  • Biggest fantasy:
    • Ascending to divinity. Once she’s there, killing Cyric starts to sound amusing…
    • All of his siblings are alive and none of them want to kill each other and they can have a family reunion with no one throwing anything at anyone
  • Bad habits:
    • Let’s see, we have this solution that pretty much solves our problem, but then we also have this batshit insane one but it lets us kill more things…
    • Does jealousy count because he’s kind of working on that, but it’s still there
  • Biggest regret:
    • Some days she wonders how her life would be different if she hadn’t broken away from Khalid and Jaheira, but then she looks at her horrible dysfunctional evil party and decides she wouldn’t give them up for all the peace of mind in the world.
    • Oops sorry I don’t think I know enough of his character arc to answer this yet?
  • Best kept secrets:
    • She’s actually not as badass as she makes herself out to be and spent the entirety of bg1 making bluff rolls to convince her party that she was someone worthy of their fear and respect
    • fff I dunno. He’s not really a fan of this whole war thing that Miya and Aki are working on, but he tries to hide that and appear supportive in front of everyone else because they’re his sisters and he’d rather them do this insane thing with loyal followers than with a divided camp. Miya/Morita and Aki  know this though, and he’s never really tried to hide it from them, so it’s only kind of a secret?
  • Last thought/out of context thought honestly
    • "There should be more blood."
    • "…but what if I could somehow trap the sparks, could that work?"
  • Worst romantic experience:
    • Well there was that one time Dorn decided to try attacking her because he was projecting his issues, but I don’t know if that counts as a romantic experience, exactly
    • I don’t know he’s probably flirted and gotten rejected this isn’t really a part of characters’ backstories that I think about a lot?
  • Biggest insecurity:
    • So yeah I’m good at poison and backstabs, but Sarevok looked a lot more like a demigod than I do and that isn’t a bad thing necessarily, but it might make drawing worshippers more difficult ifwhen I do ascend, so hmmm
    • My older siblings all seem so much more independent than me (mistaking apprenticeship for childlike dependence and not stopping to realize that Miya’s basically Morita’s apprentice anyway)
  • Weapon of choice:
    • Poison (Usually delivered by arrows or a longsword, but a shorter blade works too)
    • He likes the versatility of halberds, but he’s more familiar with hammers, what with being a blacksmith. He’s also got lightning magic and likes tinkering around with traps and grenade type things. Basically early versions of him were fighters and he’s saying “um no actually I’m more of a rogue” and now I don’t know how he fights or what he uses oops.
  • Role Model:
    • There’s no one person that she wants to emulate, but she’s impressed by Montaron and certain parts of Cyric’s history.
    • His dad
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    For that oc-meme-thing, how about Zoe :D
    toasterwarlock asked

    I’m guessing all of the questions?

    1. Full Name: Zoe “Bloodfire” Sanna/Vivian Ash (because yay aliases) (the Bloodfire comes from pretentious mage titles and her penchant for that one spell that boils an enemy’s blood in their veins)
    2. Best Friend: Probably Shona (or whatever she’s calling herself these days. She was the party’s thief and the only one who could really keep track of Zoe after she left)
    3. Sexuality: Pansexual/romantic cause she’s never told me otherwise
    4. Favorite Color: Indigo
    5. Relationship Status: Kind of perpetually not over Kinael (which works, because he’s perpetually not over her and they probably reunite someday and all of Zoe’s acquaintances go OH THINGS MAKE SENSE NOW. Meanwhile Kinael’s fellow paladins had given up on anything about him making sense even before he went on his adventure, so they just wonder if they should be unnerved or not)
    6. Ideal Mate: Not trying to use her for anything, not obviously repulsed by necromancy, respects her but doesn’t let her walk all over them
    7. Turn Ons: Passionate discussions about magic , that thing Kinael does when he looks at you like you’re the only person in existence
    8. Favorite Food: While she’s on her adventure, she hates throw-scavenged-things-in-the-pot soup. After, it has enough nostalgia that it actually tastes good. She gets excited about fresh fruit, because it’s not like you get a lot of that in the Spine of the World mountains.
    9. Crushes: Kinael, obviously. She probably had crushes on some of the wizards while she was a Hosttower apprentice.
    10. Favorite Music:  Thyra would sing marching songs as they walked (and walked, and walked) on their adventure, so things like that.
    11. Biggest Fear: The Hosttower finding her (or deciding to spend the resources on an assassination attempt, if they have found her). She sometimes worries that they’ll go after her old party members, but then she reminds herself that they’re all at least as capable of protecting themselves as she is, and most of them have more allies than her anyway.
    12. Biggest Fantasy: Generally involves Kinael showing up and miraculously either not being livid about her disappearance years ago or forgiving her unbelievably quickly. And then sometimes they go off to destroy the Hosttower so that she never has to worry about it again.
    13. Bad Habits: Being coy when you ask her a question. She is not good at straight answers. It serves her well sometimes, but usually it’s just annoying.
    14. Biggest Regret: Not actually talking to Kinael about her concerns about alignment conflict instead of just deciding that clearly she had to leave.
    15. Best Kept Secret: After she goes off to live as Vivian, pretty much everything about her past. She can’t exactly hide that she lived in a monastery for several years, but she can hide that she was an adventuring necromancer before that.
    16. Last Thought: “Damn, but it would be satisfying to throw a magic missile at that idiot right now.” (cause choosing something random that she might be thinking right now is more fun than thinking about how she might die)
    17. Worst Romantic Experience: Well I mean she broke things off with Kinael by drinking a featherfall potion and jumping off an airship as it was passing over the Black Raven Monastery, but that was less because things were going badly and more because she was terrified that he was going to Fall by associating with her. As for actual bad romantic experiences, she probably got herself into a mess trying to use relationships for political advantage in the Hosttower at least once.
    18. Biggest Insecurity: How do I morality and why does the paladin think I can be not-evil when I do things like make our enemies’ blood boil in their veins (and if he’s right what does that mean for me)
    19. Weapon of Choice: Magic before and during her adventure. Quarterstaves after, or daggers if she needs something concealable. She also has a very complicated looking crossbow that she got from a duergar camp that she’d honestly prefer over the staves, but it’s a lot more conspicuous, so alas, it sits in her bag of holding with her spellbook and highly enchanted equipment.
    20. Role Model: …Well, kind of Kinael, though she doesn’t hold herself to quite the same level of morality. I don’t know enough about who was well known in 1290-1310 DR to come up with mage-type role models, honestly. Maybe Azuth kind of but he’s a god, so I feel like that falls less into inspired-by-role-model and more into vague-worship-of-deity.
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    it’s incredible how a video game can have so much personal meaning and importance to you

    but then when you talk to another person who played it they’re like ‘yeah it was ok’

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    he is my favorite and I wish to send him a proper dinner and hug him in a sisterly fashion

    Oh man he would totally hug you back in a brotherly fashion and probably also adopt you. Especially if you fed him. You are his sister now what have you done